International teachers, workshops, galas, dinner with show and many more surprises…
One more time the Valencia Summer Festival comes back!!! The last edition we had national artists, but this year we want to go beyond turning it in a more international edition.

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In this edition of the Valencia Summer Festival, we’re having two shows: the International Gala that will be on Friday the 19th of June in the Casa de la Cultura in Picassent with our guest stars and on Saturday the 20th we’ll have a dinner with the performance of our most outstanding students.


These are the teacher that we are having in this edition of the Valencia Summer Festival.


Anett Rosadela's festivalProfessional dancer, choreographer and teacher from Hungary.
Addicted to oriental dance since 2003. Annet has perfection in several styles such as ballet, jazz-ballet, hip-hop, and cabaret.
Since 2005, Anett has her own group in her city Kecskemét, she is the leader of the Kahena Bellydance Company, but she teaches workshops in many Hungarian cities, and also abroad (Egypt, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia).
She has won several international competitions: The Cairo! Festival Competition in Budapest, May 2011 The Nile Group Competition in Cairo, November 2011 The Miss Orient Express Competition in Vienna, May 2012 She is the Queen of Miss Bellydance Hungary Competition 2010. This is the biggest national competition in Hungary
In her bellydance style, the technique, the dynamic, freshness, and fun are in balance.



Rozalia Rosadela's festivalFrom Poland, it’s a pleasure to have back Rozalia among us.
Professional teacher and dancer, she has been awarded in several occasions, winning many international festivals and being six times Champion of Poland in Belly Dance. Finalist of IDO World Belly Dance Championship and IDO European Belly Dance Championship in professional cathegory. Winner of many international oriental festivals and judge of international tournaments and championships. However, she comes to our festival because she was one of the finalists of the Aini Ya Aini Festival in the Master Category.
Founder and trainer of Sihir Dance Studio in Cracow. Both the organizer and artistic manager of the cyclic "Oriental Magic Evenings". For above twenty years she has been performing various dance styles: Ballroom and Latin-American, belly dance, belly dance show, salsa, jazz, modern, oriental fusion, belly rock. Fascination with oriental dances started in 2002 in Dubai.



Iris Sukara Rosadela festivalIris Sukara is a professional dancer, teacher and choreografer well-known nationally as well as internationally, even though, from very young, she’s been seen as a promise in the oriental dance.
Since 2009 she participates  with her mother Rosadela in the organization of the international festival “Aini Ya Aini” and usually travels to Egypt to learn everything related to its culture, rhythms, style…
Famous for her shimmies and vibrations, apart from the Egyptian Style that is characteristic of her dance, which leave no one indifferent, she has been invited to many countries and Spanish cities teaching workshops and performing in Germany, Italy, Israel, Madrid, Hungary, Majorca, Alicante, France, Vasque Country, Valencia…
Nowadays, Iris Sukara teaches workshops in the prestigious festival Ahlan Wa Sahlan held annually in Cairo. She is also very happy and proud due to her participation in Rosadela and Mme. Raqia Hassan's teaching DVDs.



Rosadela Valencia SummerRosadela is a teacher, choreographer and oriental dancer in Valencia, who manages one of the most well-know oriental dance schools in Valencia.
She teaches workshops and performs in many Spanish cities, as well as along Europe, North and South America and Egypt, where she was the first Spanish bellydancers teaching.
Rosadel is well-know for her dynamic choreographies and her unique style, which mixes her knowledge about oriental and modern dance.
Since 2006, she produces her own shows and tours with her company “Ballet Yamuna” apart from organizing from 2009 in Valencia the International Festival “Aini Ya Aini” one of the most important bellydance events in Spain.
She has been invited many times to famous TV show and other media, opportunities she appreciate to share her visión about oriental dance and her deep love and devotion she feels for it.



Nika Escola RosadelaTeacher of the Escola de Dansa Oriental de Rosadela and dancer increasingly well-known in Spain.
Looking for new styles, she discovers oriental dance from Rosadela and with her she begins her career in this new world and way of expression.
Soon she becomes one of the members of the Ballet Yamuna, participating in several shows and performances organized by Rosadela and for us it’s a pleasure to haver her as a guest teacher in the Valencia Summer Festival for being the winner in the Profesional Category of the Aini Ya Aini Festival 2015.
An opportunity to know better this fantastic dancer and enjoy her style.
Apart from being an Oriental Dance teacher in our school, Monica, who has been trained with great Tahitian Dance masters, also teaches this style.



This is the timetable of the workshops in the Valencia Summer Festival, how to register, prices and all the details you may need to know.

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Get a 10% discount in all the workshops registering before the 1st of June 2015.
Registration and discounts for groups at





You can reserve your workshops, making a deposit of the 50% of the total of the workshops you choose at the school in the account number:
3159  /  0052  /  32  /  2078996226
IBAN –  ES34  3159  0052  32  2078996226

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