This year we offer the most outstanding way to live a totally unique experience.
In just a Pack!


In a pack, over 30 hours of dance in order not to miss anything…

Live the Aini Ya Aini Experience, in a fully privileged way:

  • Front row. Seats in the front row at the galas without having to queue.
  • Express pass in workshops in order not to miss a movement of the stars of our festival.
  • Backstage. Get in the backstage before the show to take a snapshot with our superstars…

All set for you to live this intense experience without any complications. Just enjoy!

What is included? Full Pack of workshops, tickets for all the Galas (Cairo Show Party with Dinner, International Gala and Closing Gala), access to the classification of the competition and a gift from the Escola de Dansa Oriental Rosadela.

Price: Book before November 20th and get your AyA Experience Pack for only €320!

Haven’t you seen yet all what we have ready for you in this edition of Aini Ya Aini 2016?

Click here and check out the festival website!

Book your Pack Aini Ya Aini Experience!

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